Pre-Design Discovery

The pre-design discovery process involves the capture of the possibilities for the site in line with the project intent set out by the client. For a fixed fee clients receive an on-site meeting and a discovery report which includes:

- Site Analysis including boundaries, breezes, views, orientation, access and topography

- Existing building context including materials, construction, building age and condition.

- Planning Scheme Overview

- SWOT analysis

- Proposal options and examples

- Preliminary understanding of probable project costs and timeframes

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Concept Design

Concept design involves the formation of ideas into a single spatial solution. The concept design drawings and presentations can help clients 'see' the proposal and allow for informed discussions, board proposals and capital raising.

Concept design is concerned with high level understanding of layouts, composition, materials and form. During this phase we typically offer our clients:

- Brief development and formalisation

- Concept design development including consideration for materials and construction solutions

- Presentation Imagery and 3D Rendered Perspectives

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Design Development and Documentation

Following Concept Design, Design Development and Documentation is where things get technical. During this phase concept designs evolve into documents suitable for approvals, pricing and construction. During this phase we develop and coordinate our architectural documentation to suit:

- Council Planning Application and Approvals

- Building Approval and Certification

- Tendering and Builder Quotes

- Construction

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Additional Services

Strategic Placemaking and Master Planning

Focusing on the WHY's of design, strategic placemaking creates the underlying vision for design intervention. Created before master planning or concept design, the people-centred process allows clients to understand the needs and aspirations of their customers, staff and community.

Similarly, master planning allows for a greater vision to be created across a site or region which identifies overall site planning, delivery phasing and capital investment. This process involves site analysis and identification of opportunities and is typically presented as a plan.

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Procurement and Construction Support

Finding and engaging a builder is a big commitment and its important to find the right builder for your project and you. Giallo Architecture and Design offers procurement and construction support to help find the right builder, obtain quotes and provide a technical point of contact during the construction process.

Design and Project Management

Design management uses project management, design, and strategy skills to promote innovation and cohesion across the design process. Design management enhances collaboration and synergy between the design process, client requirements and user needs to enable quality, people-centric outcomes.

Giallo Architecture and Design can offer Design and Project Management services tailored to your project needs. Using our documented system we offer design and project management services to:

- Establish project outcomes and benefits and align these to your business needs

- Work with the client and key user groups to create project baselines and develop an optimised project execution plan

- Track project progress against established KPIs

- Create regular stakeholder reports and attend meetings

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